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Get your Eco-friendly Electric Two Wheelers at Affordable Cost

Now stop worrying about the raise in fuel prices always burning your monthly household budget. Enjoy your daily rides with freedom and happiness. Get your EVs from experienced and best in class manufacturers of India. We sell wide range of Electric Two Wheelers from trendy for a freedom ride to heavy duty for business conveyance. Let us dedicate ourselves for a larger cause of greener and sustainble environment a true assest for future generations to come. Additionally, one thing that makes us stand apart is that with our scooters we also assure you the speed that you are accustomed to.

ICAT Approved Electric Vehicles

10 paise per KM

3 Years Warrenty

Eco-friendly Ride

Our Values

We place our core values in delivering safe, eco-friendly and affordable Electric two wheelers.

Our EVs are fitted with Lithium Iron Phosphate - LifePO4 batteries which is a very stable one and makes it safer to use as a cathode than other lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate provides a significantly reduced chance of thermal runaway, a condition that occurs when the chemical reaction inside a battery cell exceeds its ability to disperse heat, resulting in an explosion. Since the oxygen is tightly bonded to the molecule, there is no danger of the battery erupting into flames like Lithium-ion.

Most appealing part of any EV is its ability to reduce the pollution which is ever increasing drastically and causing lots of suffering to the globe. Our Electric two wheelers are most eco-friendly with zero emission leads to greener and sustainable environment.

Global crude oil rates are no more a bother for you. Enjoy your freedom rides as cheap as 10 paise per kilometer. Charge your EV for 4 to 5 hours and drive 100 kms non-stop. You charging experience will be as simple as you charge a mobile phone with our USB charging facility.
Battery Warrenty


Years of Warrenty



Paise per KM



KM per Charging




We Are Specialists In

What We Do


Safe Battery

Your Electric Two Wheeler is built with safest battery technology


Tubless Tyres

Now continue to ride even with punctured tyre as the air isn't lost suddenly


USB Charger

Now charge your mobile phones while you ride with our USB charging facility


Extended Warranty

Get an extended warrenty upto 3 years for your EV motor and battery


Reverse Gear

Move your vehicle backwards with simple reverse gear


Safety Management

Use your anti-theft key to secure your bike with remote management